Bad Luck feature The Stranger Magazine

"Bad Luck...have made giant strides in the consciousness of Seattle's experimental-music scenesters this year..."

-Dave Segal (The Stranger)

Four Seattle Band Keeping Jazz from Becoming Jazzzzzzz

"Consisting of saxophonist/loop manipulator Neil Welch and drummer Chris Icasiano, Bad Luck have been winning over legions of fans who wouldn't know Ken Burns or Wynton Marsalis if they were shaking hands with them.

Icasiano admits that jazz musicians have an obstacle to getting heard at a time when the music's rarely been less commercially viable. "To many people, jazz is a four-letter-word. There are quite a few negative stereotypes about jazz that characterize the music as self-indulgent, complicated, and boring to the greater listening audience, especially [among young people]. In many instances, this stereotype is true, which is why the music ca be perceived as utterly inaccessible and alienating. So our challenge, as a band that's trying to bridge the gap, is to dispel this stereotype."